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Whiteland, IN

If you live in Whiteland, IN and your landscape needs a little pick-me-up or a full on face-lift, we are the guys to call!

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Leveridge Landscaping is a full-service landscaping and construction company. Whether the project is big or small, we will handle it professionally and efficiently.

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Whiteland, IN

Why should I choose Leveridge Landscaping for my landscaping needs?


Here at Leveridge Landscaping, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond our customer's expectations. Our work is done professionally, promptly and efficiently, and we will make sure that you are informed throughout the whole project. We have been around for over 20 years, so with our experience, we can make your landscape and home beautiful and just how you want it. Your satisfaction means the world to us, so we promise to give you the best quality service you deserve.


What are your services?


We are experts in retaining walls, paver patios, landscape design, concrete, and structural projects. Here is a full list of the services that we can provide you:

Additions & Remodeling
  • Outdoor Kitchen - Build

Brick & Stone
  • Brick and Stone Patios, Walks, and Steps - Install

  • Brick, Stone or Block Wall Install

  • Brick and Stone Driveways & Floors - Install

  • Custom Arbor, Pergola or Trellis

  • Concrete Driveways & Floors - Install

  • Retaining Wall Install

  • Interlocking Pavers for Patios, Walks, and Steps - Install

  • Pavers for Driveways and Floors - Install

  • Deck or Porch Build or Replace

  • Water Dock Repair

  • Concrete Foundation Install

If you want something else done to your home and landscape, please contact us today so that we can help make your home stand out beautifully! 

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours are based on the projects we are working on. We will usually start earlier in the morning around 8:00 am and end possibly around 6:00 pm. However, we do not work on Sundays. Contact us for more information regarding our working hours. 

What areas do you service?

We are located near Indianapolis, Indiana, and we service areas in the range from Lafayette, Indiana to Bloomington, Indiana. Our radius is about 50 miles from Indianapolis.

What is the best way to get in contact with your company?

We suggest calling our phone number at (317) 590-7435 and speaking directly with the owner or using our contact form found on our Contact Us page here on the website.

Why should I hire a professional for my landscaping needs?

You want someone with years of lawn care experience who are fully licensed and insured so that it will not cost you a fortune to fix any mistakes done during construction. When you're searching for a landscaper or a lawn care company, there are certain qualities that are required - professionalism, affordability, reliability, and prompt service. Leveridge Landscaping embodies these characteristics.

Can I do DIY projects for my landscape?

Yes, you can do DIY projects for your landscaping needs, but if you want to do something big or complicated we recommend getting in touch with a professional.

What sort of seasonal requirements does Leveridge Landscaping recommend for property maintenance?

Make sure you are taking care of your lawn every day. You should be watering it, mowing it, getting rid of any unwanted pests and weeds, etc. Pick up any leaves during the fall, shovel snow in the winter, and make sure all plants are watered during the spring and summer. We want to make sure that your landscape continues to be beautiful and functional.

Do you do only residential landscaping or do you do commercial landscaping as well?


We do both residential and commercial landscaping. Please contact us for more information on the services we can provide your home or business.


Do you offer free estimates for your services?


Yes, we currently do free estimates. Call our number to get more information on estimates on the services you are searching for. 


How do I get a quote for the services I am looking for?


You can call (317) 590-7435, or enter your information into the contact form on our website and we will get in touch with you.


I am new to the area, can Leveridge Landscaping help me?


Yes, we would love to help you get settled into your new home by improving the landscape. We can help you set up a maintenance program designed around your needs or building any new hardscaping features that you want to see included on your property. We make it one step easier to move into your new house by making our sign up process simple. Give us a call or fill out the contact form for more information on how to improve your backyard.


How can I prevent lawn problems for the future?


The best thing you can do to fight disease on your lawn is to mow properly and keep your lawn watered. If you have lawn problems, please feel free to call us for a diagnosis. We will ensure that your lawn is healthy and looking good for you and your customers, residents, and patrons.


Can you provide me services all year round?


Yes! Leveridge Landscaping can work with you to schedule regular lawn maintenance of your lawn areas for the spring, summer, and fall. We will make sure that your lawn is a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment all year long. 


Are you licensed?

Yes. We have the proper licenses and certifications to make sure that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands.


How will the landscaping add value to my home?

When your home is properly landscaped, it adds up to 10%-15% home value! We take every project seriously. We want to make sure that you get the best service that you deserve, and we are quick with our work, while not sacrificing the beauty of your home. When you are deciding to sell your home, the landscaping is one of the main focal points that buyers see and can influence the buyer's decision.

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